May 242018


Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past year or so, you’ll be aware of something called the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is coming into effect on the 25th May 2018. The aim of this legislation is to protect us all from privacy and data breaches within an increasingly data-driven world. We see it as a really positive thing as it gives you more control over who is holding and using your data.

The main changes that GDPR brings are:

  • Increased scope (it affects all organisations operating within the EU, irrespective of where they are based)
  • Increased penalties for data breaches and non-compliance
  • Strengthening of consent – i.e. providing you with clear information before you share your data and greater ease of unsubscription
  • Easier access to your data that is held by others

Because we hold your email address, which we use to send you our newsletters, we must ensure that we have your explicit consent to use this information in order for us to provide the service. If we don’t then we can’t continue to send out the news and updates to you.

So, as of today (24th May 2018), all existing subscribers to the Sutton newsletters will be deleted from our systems and databases. In order to continue receiving the updates we’re asking you to subscribe again.

We have a Privacy Policy here, which explains what information we hold, and why we use it.

You can also find a full description of our email update service here, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

We urge you take a look at both of these.

To recap … to all our newsletter subscribers, this will be the final update you receive, unless you re-subscribe. Subscribing is easy; all we need is a valid email address.

Many thanks for your patience.

Sutton Admin