Oct 252018

ST.BARTHOLOMEW’S CHURCH: At St. Bartholomew’s church on Sunday 28th October, “Songs of Praise” will take place. Please come along and bring the family!

The service starts at 9:30am and everyone is welcome.

BEAT MANAGER: Please note that due to an internal staff rotation taking place, information received indicated that the current beat manager had moved on.   This is not the case and we are pleased to retain the services of our regular beat manager, who serves us well and is a familiar face in the village and rural communities. Thanks to Councillor Tracey Taylor for bringing this to the village’s attention.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  The local association will meet on Wednesday 31st at the usual time of 2:30pm. A report will follow.

BARNBY MOOR FUNDRAISER: Major news story about the recent Tsunami has prompted local residents to take action in support of this terrible tragedy. It has been decided to hold a coffee morning on Saturday 17th November at Barnby Moor village hall from 11:00am until 1:00pm. Admission is free, only pay for your coffee, donations not compulsory but very welcome!

DOG WALK: Approaching the festive season, a community dog walk is being planned and will hopefully take place on Sunday 2nd December. Further details to follow.

HALLOW’EEN PARTY: With Hallow’een fast approaching a party will take place in the Village Hall on Saturday 27th October starting at 5:30pm. Further details to follow. Witches and Warlocks welcome!!

SUTTON PARISH COUNCIL: The Parish Council met on Wednesday 10th October in the Village Hall at the usual time of 7:00pm, with seven councillors present and one apology. Clerk to the council, Nigel Johnson, was on hand to record the proceedings and District and County Councillor Tracy Taylor was in attendance for updates and advice if needed. Various subjects came under discussion during the evening including:

  • Planning, re outline planning permission for homes on Sutton Lane. Referred to the Neighbourhood Plan for support.
  • Gate Cottage- a planning appeal.
  • From the floor, it was mentioned about grass cutting on Station Road. Road signs on approach to the village from Barnby Moor obscured by weeds and branches overgrown. near the level crossing.
  • Under the Projects heading various suggestions were put forward.
  • The Neighbourhood Watch scheme was discussed re the attempts to upgrade the scheme and encourage more coordinators to come forward. Some councillors thought this could be a joint effort by the council and the local association.

MEET THE NEIGHBOURS: The Neighbours group met on Wednesday 24th October as scheduled and a report will follow. For further details of the neighbour’s group, or to book a meal please contact organiser Joan Reiter on (01777) 818 492.

SUTTON GARDENING CLUB: Tickets are selling well for the club’s forthcoming Christmas Draw which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 8th December, with major prizes to be won.

SUTTON SPOTLIGHT: The local information sheet should have been delivered around the village during last week-end, if for any reason you have not received a copy, a few spare copies are usually available at the Village Hall; collect one when you visit the Post Office. The magazine is funded by the Parish Council but is edited produced and distributed by volunteers.

QUIZ NIGHT: The quiz continues to take place in the Village Hall every Sunday night, £1.00 entry per person which is paid back as prize money! The bigger the crowd – the bigger the prize! New contestants always welcome. 8:00pm start and bar open.

SUTTON ART GROUP: Details of the Art group and its activities are available from Joan Reiter on 07990 702 445 or (01777) 818 492.


YOUTH CLUB: The Youth Club continue to meet on a Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:30 in the Village Hall (except for the first Tuesday in the month). New members are always welcome.

KEEP FIT CLASSES: Keep fit classes continue in the Village Hall every Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. All fitness levels welcome! Further details available on 07549 244 379.

COMPUTER CLUB: Computer sessions continue at the Village Hall on Mondays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at a cost of £5.00 person. Reserve a place by emailing: Lesley.parks@hotmail.co.uk or call (01777) 707 153 or 07929 352 753.

MEET THE NEIGHBOURS: The group continue to meet at Sutton Village Hall on the second Wednesday of each month for a communal lunch. Further details about the group and its activities are available from group leader Joan Reiter on (01777) 702 137.

SUTTON APRIL CLUB: The April club continue to meet every two weeks in the village and full details are available from Group Leader and organiser Carole Head on (01777) 705 077.

GARDENING CLUB: Details relating to the club and its activities available from Elaine Hauser on (01777) 705 274 or mobile 07969 254 920 or email: gardeningclub@suttoncumlound.net

New members always welcome.

SUTTON ART GROUP: The group meet every Friday morning in the Village Hall and will continue throughout the season. Further details of the group and their activities are available from:

SUTTON AND BARNBY MOOR WI: Sutton and Barnby Moor W.I. meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Sutton Village Hall at 7:15pm. Members old and new always welcome.

COUNTY COUNCILLOR: If you have any issues or concerns then your County Councillor Mrs Tracey Taylor can be contacted at any reasonable time on (01777) 816 781 or mobile 07771 629 380.

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR: Tracey Taylor, District Councillor for Sutton Ward can be contacted at any reasonable time on 01777 816 781 or mobile 07771 629 380.

PARISH COUNCIL: The Parish Council normally meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Village Hall. There is a public participation period and all residents are welcome to attend. For further information please contact the Clerk at clerk@suttoncumlound.net or call the Sutton Central number: 07092 985 871.

POLICE: The local Beat Team for the BERL beat ( Bassetlaw East Ranskill / Lound) are as follows:

PC 3467 Gareth Mitchell  – Mobile: 07976 173 926, email: garethmitchell@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

For help and advice in the first instance please contact:

PCSO Lucy Campion – Mobile: 07525 989 445

VILLAGE HALL BOOKINGS: Enquiries with regard to the booking of the Village Hall should be made by contacting 07092 985 831. Anyone making enquiries please note that the number is not manned on a permanent basis, but calls are re-routed to one of three points for their attention and will be dealt with as soon as possible. Please be patient and your enquiry will be dealt with. Thanks for your cooperation.

The Village Hall web site is available at www.suttonvillagehall.net or email: bookings@suttonvillagehall.net.

POSTAL SERVICES: The Post office operates in the Village Hall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week.

Opening times are as follows:

  • Tuesdays from 11:30am to  2:00pm
  • Wednesdays from: 9:00am to 12:00 noon

The local office can supply residents with: Pensions, Foreign Currency, Travel Insurance, Car insurance, investments and Savings.