Nov 162018

With equipment being delivered on a daily basis the site is beginning to fill up and it appears that the rig itself is taking shape. There has been a certain amount of traffic disruption locally as oversize loads/HGV’s made their way from the A1 through Blyth to the site. Yesterday the police diverted the traffic through Ranskill and Torworth and this morning there were complications at around 09.30 on the stretch by the primary school with police activity that resulted in some delays in both directions along the A634 by the site. It seems that there are at the moment several escorted convoys a day, first thing around 09.30 and then lunch time. We have not heard anything from IGas but we must surely be nearing the end of the so called “mobilisation phase”. If you can find an alternative route to your destination that does not include a trip up the A634 you might prudently take it! There are a few pictures taken over the fence today that are included in a mini gallery here not up to Eric’s standard I’m afraid!

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