Nov 192018

Several of you reported that the rig was lit up overnight and we thought it appropriate to take a few daytime images of the site.

Our images are taken over the fence and it certainly looks as though the rig is complete but rumours are such that we are lead to believe that additional work is required before work starts in earnest, presumably this week. Residents of Blyth will be pleased that the HGV traffic associated with the ‘rig mobilisation” is now drawing to a close and movements should be mainly of light vehicles servicing the site going forward. IGas are shortly to distribute an information leaflet “Tinker Lane Community Update” which will explain what is about to happen and how the events might impact upon the local community. Such issues as the drilling activity itself which will be a 24 hour, 7 day a week activity lasting around 60 days, lighting and drilling noise.

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