Dec 292018

Plenty of activity on site today. Not the antics of the drillers to which we are now accustomed but a more considered approach, tarting up the rig. Using cherry picker, jet washer and mop and bucket it seemed that the rig was being prepared for something. Unlikely being cleaned up for a hogmanay celebration but more likely an imminent move to pastures new, Misson Springs perhaps? Jet washing pipe rack and drilling pipe alike and movements of liquid waste from site it certainly seems that the exploratory drilling and logging of the borehole is complete. We might expect that the rig and ancillary equipment will be removed from site, very early in the new year and likely it will head directly to Misson. Will they be more successful there? Well they have already shot 3D seismic so should be a little more clued up as to what might be expected at depth. And as IGas might say “Hope Springs Eternal”.

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