Jan 022019

Overnight the drill pipe rack and access gantries have been taken down and work is continuing on site (by the sound of it) to dismantle the beast. HGV’s carrying unused chemicals and casing, and some curtain siders, all departing Tinker Lane. This is clearly the end of the drilling phase and it looks as if most of the equipment is earmarked to leave site in the very near future. Exactly what plans IGas have for the borehole going forward will soon evolve no doubt, but there appear to be two choices, either a period of further evaluation followed by abandonment or a move directly to abandonment. No chance of this borehole ever being fracked (or mini fracked), we think in the absence of the primary targeted Bowland Shale and little chance that the period of evaluation, if any, would be prolonged. In the event of an evaluation phase the site would look like this, Evaluation Phase and on abandonment like this Abandonment, Both drawings from the planning bundle as submitted to Nottinghamshire County Council.

See full story here: bit.ly/2Aq2fWy

This update came via TINKER LANE at bit.ly/2VetkVj

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