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The 2019 Retford Half Marathon will be taking place on Sunday 10th March, with over 1200 runners taking part. This will mean a certain amount of disruption on various roads in and around the area.

Road Closures

  • TEMPOARY ROAD CLOSURE – Roundabout outside Retford Oaks Academy on Babworth Road (A620). At the start of the event traffic will be held using “stop/go” signs from both directions on Babworth Road, and on West Carr Road to allow runners to leave the start at the Retford Oaks Academy. Approx time: 9.50am to 10.10am
  • RESTRICTED or NO ACCESS – Roads joining onto Babworth Road / Hospital Road. There will be either restricted or no access onto Hospital Road via all joining roads. Lime Tree Avenue, Lime Grove, Hannam’s Yard and the Cemetery access road will be closed to all traffic movement 10 minutes prior to the start of the race. Rectory Road and Queen Street will have in force a banned right turn onto Hospital Road during the start of the race. Approx time: 9.50am to 10.10am
  • TEMPOARY ROAD CLOSURE – A638 Great North Road in the direction of Doncaster will be closed from Hallcroft Roundabout through to Billy Button Lane at Torworth. Local residents and businesses will have ‘right turn only’ access onto the Great North Road (in the direction of Retford) where there are breaks in ‘runner traffic’. Traffic travelling in the direction of Retford on the Great North Road will have right turn access to properties/businesses where there is a break in runner traffic. Approx time: 10am to 1.30pm (point between Hallcroft Roundabout and Randall Way will only be closed for approx 40 mins from 10am-10.40am)
  • FULL ROAD CLOSURE – Old London Road (residential access only). Old London Road will be closed in both directions from the junction of the A634 (Great North Road) right through to the A620 (main Worksop-Retford road). Traffic will still have access from the A1 Slip Road but will be ‘right turn’ only onto Old London Road (towards Ranby Prison). Approx time: 9am to 1.30pm
  • ROAD CLOSURE – A634 (Blyth to Barnby Moor Road) will be closed from the junction of the Great North Road at Barnby Moor through to the junction of Graves Moor Lane. A diversion route will be available to Retford/Doncaster via Baulk Lane/Graves Moor Lane or via the B6045 (Blyth Road). Approx time: 9am to 1.30pm.
  • ROAD CLOSURE – Billy Button Lane. Approx time: 9am to 1.30pm

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