Feb 152020

ALERT: 14th February 2020. A burglary has taken place on Station Road at a property close to the junction with Town Street/Sutton Lane. The owner has been away from the property this week, leaving at 05:30 on the morning of Monday 10th February, returning at 17:30 on the evening of Friday 14th February. A neighbour reports hearing a loud noise on the 13th February, and the method of entry would have created such a noise. It is therefore suspected that the break in took place on the night of Thursday 13th February. Access was made from the rear of the property, likely across the open fields. Would you please check your CCTV cameras especially those facing towards the rear of the even numbered properties on Station Road. Also please think back, recalling any other unusual activity in and around Station Road and indeed the wider village especially on Thursday night.

Should you have information that might help the police please contact them on 101 and quote the Crime Number 20000087808.

You can view the Home Page, this Alert and previous Alerts on the Neighbourhood Watch Website using the link below:


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