May 112020

Nottinghamshire PolicingA message from Nottinghamshire Police about CORVID-19 Scams

Dear All,

My name is Kirsty Jackson and I’m one of Nottinghamshire’s Cyber Protect & Prevent Officer’s.

Scammers will play on anything in the media in order to scam people. During an already anxious and uncertain time, scammers use this to create further panic forcing victims to part with their cash. Please see the leaflet link below to see the scams we’re currently aware of. Please note that scammers are always coming up with new ideas to get cash from victims.

We also have our Nottinghamshire police website which includes the attached scam leaflet and also allows anyone to go through our Online Safety and Fraud checklists to further improve their Online/Fraud security.


Kirsty Jackson

See the Scam Awareness leaflet here

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