Sutton Spotlight


Welcome to the Sutton Spotlight, a newsletter for the residents of Sutton-cum-Lound.

The Sutton-cum-Lound Parish Plan was completed in 2010, but it didn’t end there. A bunch of volunteers are still active, and going under the name of the Parish Plan Steering Group. Their remit is to work with all the various groups within the village to make sure that your views are taken into account, and wherever possible turned into reality.

So, whether it’s issues about speeding, children’s facilities, or retaining the character of the village, they are working at it. Some of these are relatively easy, but others are not. The “not’s” take more time.

This newsletter has come about as a result of the feedback given on the Parish Plan Questionnaire—something more focussed towards the village. Thanks to the Parish Plan Steering Group, the Parish Council, and more volunteers, we’ve managed to get the funding and equip-ment to produce it. This is just the start, there are more projects in the pipeline, and you will see changes to the village over time. These are your changes—you voted for them. Thanks for that, and keep them coming.

Don’t forget that this is your newsletter. If you have any comments, news, or burning issues you would like to see in the next issue then email, or use our contact form.

We’re aiming for a quarterly publication, so get them in now while there is still room.

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