Parish Councillors


The Parish Council consists of a number of elected or co-opted members.

Once every 4 years the members of the Parish Council stand down, and are required to reapply (if they want to), and any resident of the village may also apply at this stage. The normal maximum number of Councillors is 9 for Sutton. If less than 10 (i.e. 9 or less) apply at the time then they are automatically “elected” to the Council, but if more than 9 apply then there will be an actual election in the village. Councillors serve a 4 year term.

If at any time there are fewer than 9 Councillors then the vacancy will be advertised. If more people apply than there are seats available (up to the maximum of 9) then an election will be held for the available seat(s). Residents may be co-opted onto the Council without an election if there are not enough volunteers to force an election. In this case, all they need is a Proposer and Seconder.

If you’re interested in becoming a Parish Councillor then please contact the Clerk to the Council for more information.

Current Parish Council

The current Parish Council members are:

Chair to the Parish Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

Mrs Claire Challener
Grove Farm
101 Town Street
DN22 8RX

Telephone: (01777) 816 952


Register of Member’s Interests

Members of the Parish Council are required to declare and register any interests they may have in the categories of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Registerable Non-Pecuniary Interests.

You can find these declarations at the BDC link below. Please select the Sutton link from the table. The Register of Interests can then be downloaded, and opens in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet … don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

Sutton Councillors Register of Interests