The village is well serviced by major roads and motorways (M1 and A1).

All roads into the village are protected by:

An 18 Tonne weight restriction

Following a prolonged stand off between Nott’s CC Highways and the Parish council, the new weight limit has now been applied to the parish and all signage changed.

The new limit prohibits any vehicle capable of weighing 18tonne or above from passing through the village to destinations beyond the parish boundary, i.e. Daneshill landfill or Tarmac.

Any lorry with more than the standard two axles should be regarded as unauthorised and in breach of the regulation. The weight limit is in force to protect the environment of the parish and reduce any environmental impact on its parishioners, i.e. Noise nuisance.

Members of the public are being asked to make a note of lorry registrations, where the lorry has more than the standard two axles, and report the vehicles presence in the, giving date and time the registration was seen, to either the Police, Nott’s CC Trading Standards dept or the Parish Clerk.

The new 18tonne limit replaces the old 17tonne limit in line with European legislation passed in 2002. This work should have been completed by Nott’s CC by Dec 2006, but a stand off occurred when the Parish Council sought to secure a 7.5tonne limit and give the maximum protection to the community from environmental impact from these heavy vehicles. The Parish Council are still pursuing the lower 7.5tonne limit, and hope to be included in the next County review on weight limits.

A 30 MPH speed restriction within the confines of the village

This means that vehicles must not exceed 30 miles per hour when travelling through the village. There are no exceptions to this. If you see vehicles which appear to be speeding, please take as many details as possible (registration number, make, colour, etc) and report them to the police.

Speed Watch Scheme

A Speed Watch scheme operates to draw attention to the village speed limit in Sutton-cum-Lound. The scheme involves residents displaying speed limit reminder signs on the side of their wheelie bins.

The main areas of concern are the main approaches and the main road through the village, where vehicles are regularly seen driving well in excess of the 30mph limit. The Parish Council have successfully won a grant from Bassetlaw Council to fund these signs, so they are able to offer these free of charge to any household wishing to take part and support the campaign to reduce the speed of vehicle passing through the village.

It is hoped that residents on Mattersey Rd, Town St, Sutton Lane, and Station Road will all choose to support this campaign. The signs will be allocated on a first come first served basis whilst stocks last. Anyone wishing to take part should contact the Parish Clerk.

Nott’s County Council Highways don’t use speed limit reminders within the limited area for any road less than 30mph, therefore it falls to the Parish Council and concerned individuals to take this proactive step to drive the on-going education of motorists passing through the village.

Community Road Safety

The Community Road Safety Equipment (speed gun and speed signs) are now back in the village. They are operated by a small group of volunteers who feel passionately about traffic speeding through the village, presenting a hazard to themselves as well as other road users. Offenders will be reported to the police.

Road Problems

To report a fault or problem on any of the roads please contact Bassetlaw District Council. You can do this online by filling in an electronic fault report. Things you can report include:

  • Drainage / flooding problems
  • Faulty traffic lights
  • Overhanging Trees
  • Problems with bridges
  • Pot holes in the road
  • Street lights not functioning
  • Damaged or uneven pavements
  • Excessive weed or plant growth

If you want to know more about the roads in and around the area, please visit the Nottinghamshire County Council On the roads pages.

This gives information on road works, gritting schedules and mobile speed camera locations.