For general information on waste services within the Bassetlaw district, click here.

Bins and Collections

There are currently 3 types of bins in operation:

  • Blue bins for the collection of items for recycling
  • Green bins which go to landfill
  • Brown bins for the collection of garden waste

Bin collections are generally on each Tuesday of the week. This can vary if Bank Holidays (such as Christmas) interfere. If the days change there is usually a notice in the local papers, so please check.

The Blue, Green and Brown bins are collected on a two-week cycle. The current collection schedule is shown in the Village Calendar.

In 2017 the council introduced a Brown bin for the recycling of garden waste. This is an optional service that individual households must apply for on an annual basis, and at an additional cost. The service runs from March to November each year, with fortnightly collections currently on the Monday before the Green bin collection.

Bulky Items

In addition to the weekly collection of wheeled bins, Bassetlaw District Council also provide a chargeable service to enable you to dispose of those items that are too large to go in your wheeled bin.

For example if you have a bed, mattress, washing machine or wardrobe etc. that you no longer require they will collect it for you …. for a fee.

Bulky Items service and charges

School Clothes Bank

Don’t forget that you can put “preloved” clothes & shoes in the Ragtex collection bank situated at the back of the school car park.

Waste Disposal Centres

There is now only one Disposal Centre nearby at the Veolia Waste Centre, Hallcroft Lane, Retford (see map below).

It will take household waste which isn’t picked up by your bin collectors, e.g. green garden waste, your old fridge or freezer and unwanted furniture.

This site DOES NOT accept asbestos, car tyres, trade, commercial or industrial waste. They are not licensed to do so and would be breaking the law if they accepted them.

Site details and opening times