Network Rail Crossing Closure Plan - June 2014

You should now be aware of Network Rail’s feasibility study into closing all Level Crossings between London Kings Cross and Doncaster. In the immediate vicinity there are 3 crossings, Station Road, Botany Bay and Daneshill Road that will or may (depending on the preferred options chosen by Network Rail) impact on Sutton cum Lound.

The first round of consultations is already in progress and will end on the 25th July. Options are being presented for each crossing and the public are being invited to comment. There are no options to keep the crossings open.

The second round of consultations will start next month when you will be asked to comment on Network Rail’s preferred solution for each crossing.

The Parish Council would like as many people as possible to respond to the Stage 1 consultation (either online or by post) and to assist in this, the Village Hall will be open from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday the 22nd July where representatives from the Parish Council will be available to answer questions relating to the options being proposed and the implications that may arise from them.

For those individuals who are clear about the proposals but have yet to respond then links for the online response can be found below.

Paper questionnaires for a postal response will available at the meeting on Tuesday.

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As you know, Network Rail are currently investigating the possibility of closing a number of level crossing on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) in our area. The first stage of this is a feasibility / consultation process which is due to run over the summer of 2014. They have released various documents that describe the process, the crossings under consideration and a rough timetable over the next 4 years.

The crossings in our immediate area are:

  • Torworth (Daneshill Road)
  • Sutton (Station Road)
  • Botany Bay

So residents not only need to consider how the proposals may affect their village life (for example increased traffic on certain roads) but also how they may affect their broader comings and goings (for example how they get to work).

Here we have a questionnaire concerning those in our immediate area. The deadline for submission of this questionnaire is the 25th July 2014, so please take the time to print in, fill it in and return ASAP. You cannot rely on other people – the more people who contribute, the better.

Network Rail Crossing Closure Questionnaire – July 2014

Note that EACH CROSSING has to have its own submission, so please don’t try to shoe-horn more than one onto the same submission.

Alternatively you can submit a response online by following the consultation link below:

There is more background information on these links: