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Welcome to your newsletter

Welcome to the Sutton Spotlight, a newsletter for the residents of Sutton-cum-Lound.

The Spotlight came about from the Sutton-cum-Lound Parish Plan, which was completed in 2010. It identified a need for a regular village update of some sort. The Parish Plan has now been superseded by the Neighbourhood Plan, but the Sutton Spotlight lives on.

The Spotlight is funded by the Parish Council, and is produced and distributed by volunteers every 3 months or so.

Every household in the village should receive a copy of the Sutton Spotlight when it is published, usually quarterly. If you didn’t get one, or have mislaid it, there may be extra copies available at the Village Hall. Alternatively, you can read it online here simply by clicking the image.

Don’t forget that this is your newsletter. If you have any comments, news, or burning issues you would like to see in the next issue then email They aim for a quarterly publication (March, June, September and December), so get them in now while there’s still room.

Contact the Spotlight Team

If you would like to send a message, news story, or just get something off your chest directly to the Sutton Spotlight news team, then either send them an email to, or fill in the form below.

Spotlight Contact Form

Previous Spotlights

All previous issues of the Sutton Spotlight are available here.

Read them online, or print your own copy. Just click the appropriate image below (opens as a PDF).

The Sutton Spotlight for March 2024Sutton Spotlight – March 2024 (PDF)

The Sutton Spotlight - December 2023Sutton Spotlight – December 2023 (PDF)

An image of the Sutton Spotlight for September 2023Sutton Spotlight – September 2023 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight for June 2023Sutton Spotlight – June 2023 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight – March 2023 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight Cover - November 2022Sutton Spotlight – November 2022 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight cover for June 2022Sutton Spotlight – June 2022 (PDF)

Small image of the March 2022 Sutton SpotlightSutton Spotlight – March 2022 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight for October 2021Sutton Spotlight – October 2021 (PDF)

The Sutton Spotlight for July 2021 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – July 2021 (PDF)

The Sutton Spotlight for March 2021 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2021 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - May 2020 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – October 2020 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - May 2020 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – May 2020 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2020 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2020 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - December 2019 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – December 2019 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2019 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – September 2019 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2019 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2019 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2019 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2019 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - December 2018 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – December 2018 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2018 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – September 2018 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2018 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2018 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2018 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2018 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - November 2017 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – November 2017 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2017 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2017 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - February 2017 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – February 2017 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - November 2016 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – November 2016 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2016 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – September 2016 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2016 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2016 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2016 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2016 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - December 2015 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – December 2015 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2015 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – September 2015 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2015 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2015 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2015 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2015 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - December 2014 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – December 2014 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2014 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – September 2014 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2014 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2014 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2014 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2014 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - December 2013 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – December 2013 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2013 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – September 2013 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2013 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2013 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2013 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2013 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - December 2012 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – December 2012 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2012 (PDF) Sutton Spotlight – September 2012 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2012 (PDF) Sutton Spotlight – June 2012 (PDF)

Diamond Jubilee Spotlight - May 2012 (PDF)Diamond Jubilee Spotlight – May 2012 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - March 2012 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – March 2012 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - December 2011 (PDF) Sutton Spotlight – December 2011 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - September 2011 (PDF) Sutton Spotlight – September 2011 (PDF)

Sutton Spotlight - June 2011 (PDF)Sutton Spotlight – June 2011 (PDF)

Want something publicising?

Don’t forget, if you have any event or item of interest for the village, just email it to and our resident website monitor will do his best to accommodate you. All posts go out to our increasing list of email update subscribers as soon as they’re published.

We also have the Sutton Spotlight, which goes out to every house in the village on a quarterly (ish) basis. Space is sometimes limited, so try to get your entry in early.

We’re also lucky to have a village Journalist who collates news and updates for the Retford Times on a weekly basis. Get your copy in on Monday morning for the Thursday issue.

All our website updates are also sent down the village “X formerly Twitter” feed, @SuttonCumLound. So, follow us there for these and other items in and around our area.

The Parish Council has a Facebook presence for all things of a council nature. Contact the Clerk if you want anything on this feed.