Apr 182019

A Non-Material Amendment to remove the blocks in the layby during both the Evaluation and Restoration phases has not been approved. Highways rightfully
pointed out that the Layby is within the Visibility Splay and as vehicle movement will be high during the Restoration Phase it is important that drivers views are not hindered by vehicles parked in the layby. The blocks will remain in the layby and the layby closed until Restoration is completed.

* Restoration Schedule – the intention remains to restore the site during the Spring and Summer of this year. An Invitation to Tender is currently out with a number of potential suppliers. Tenders are to be submitted before the end of this month.

* Vandalism – on 1stApril the site was broken into and locks injected with Silicon sealant. The damage has since been repaired.

NottsCC will be informed 7 to 14 days prior to the commencement of Restoration (see Condition 2f) and the Tinker Lane CLG at a similar time.

See full story here: bit.ly/2IFfUOk

This update came via TINKER LANE at bit.ly/2VetkVj

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