Mar 052020

ST. BARTHOLOMEW’S CHURCH: The service for Sunday 8th March is a “Sung Eucharist” at the usual time of 9:15am and once again everyone is welcome.

You can find more information about the church on the Sutton website here, and it also has its own facebook page here.

DO YOU KNOW?   Do you know where the nearest Community Defibrillators are situated? The nearest Defibrillator available 24 x 7 is situated outside Sutton Village Hall on Town Street! Access to another machine is available outside Lound Village Hall on Town Street, Lound.

For more information contact: Five Villages First Responders at

PARISH LUNCH: The next parish lunch will take place at the Gate Inn on Tuesday 10th March at the usual time of 12:00noon. NB: a small contribution is made to the current building fund after each lunch session. Details of the lunches which occur approximately every six weeks are available from Church Warden Janet Webb on (01777) 818 682 or Lay reader Joan Herrington on (01302) 742 562 or please just call in to the venue on the date announced.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETING:  The next meeting of the council will take place on Wednesday 11th March at the usual starting time of 7:00pm in the Village Hall.

GARDENING CLUB: The Sutton and Barnby Moor Club held their meeting on Tuesday March 3rd commencing at 7:15pm at Barnby Moor village hall. Following the AGM members were invited to partake in a selection soft drinks and nibbles and had an opportunity to purchase garden paraphernalia and plants donated.

For details about the club and its activities please contact Jenny Bailey on (01777) 708 155. New members and visitors are always welcome.

CHURCH SERVICE: On Sunday 1st March, the first Sunday of Lent and also Saint David’s Day, a group of worshippers numbering twenty or more gathered at the local church to take part in the “Songs of Praise” service. The officiant on this occasion was Lay Reader Joan Herrington ably assisted by Worship Leader Janet Webb. After a very warm welcome and the giving out of official notices, a reading from the Gospel took place. Matthew 4   1< >11 was narrated by Janet Webb. Intercessions: again by the Worship Leader with musical accompaniment again provided by a trusty CD player as local organist Geof Webb was unable to attend due to illness, but hopefully now appears to be on the mend. Various readings took place between well chosen selections of hymns. These were read by members of the congregation namely, Rosie Woodgate, Fiona Pagdin, Monica Hockenhull, Lynne Tweed. Concluding prayers and a blessing brought the service to a close. Again the congregation were invited to remain for refreshments.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: The local Neighbourhood Watch Association held their monthly meeting on Wednesday 26th February at the usual time of 2:30pm.and a report will follow.

Latest scam doing the rounds highlighted by the association, please read and observe! Scammers Caught on CCTV. We have reported on a number of Alerts that there are a sophisticated number of scams doing the rounds. Clearly for criminals this is a low risk way of extorting money from vulnerable individuals. Unusually you are hearing from us today to advise you that there is what appears to be an interesting programme on BBC 1 TV on Monday 2nd March, 20:30 Panorama: “Spying on the Scammers”. This is a story of a guy who turned the tables on the fraudsters. “Jim Browning” hacked into the fraudsters call centre in India and obtained footage of the scammers at work. Although Jims actions were quite illegal the access he gained and activities of the crooks he exposes should serve to act as a stark warning to us all. Essential viewing for our members we think.

QUIZ NIGHT: If you are a Brain of Britain, Knowledge Lump, a Mastermind, or just a well-informed person, you are more than welcome to come along and try to out-wit the regulars on our village Quiz Night. The quiz continues to take place in the Village Hall every Sunday night, £1.00 entry per person which is paid back as prize money! The bigger the crowd – the bigger the prize! New contestants always welcome. Following the quiz “Play your cards right” – Cash Prize! Can you beat the local teams? Come along and try. 8:00pm start and bar open.


YOUTH CLUB: The Youth Club continue to meet on a Tuesday night from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the Village Hall (except for the first Tuesday in the month). New members are always welcome.

MEET THE NEIGHBOURS: The group continue to meet at Sutton Village Hall on the second Wednesday of each month for a communal lunch.

SUTTON APRIL CLUB: The April club continue to meet every two weeks in the village and full details are available from Group Leader and organiser Carole Head on (01777) 705 077.

GARDENING CLUB: Details relating to the club and its activities available from Elaine Hauser on (01777) 705 274 or mobile 07969 254 920 or email:

New members always welcome.

SUTTON ART GROUP: The group meet every Friday morning in the Village Hall and will continue throughout the season. Further details of the group and their activities are available from:

SUTTON AND BARNBY MOOR WI: Sutton and Barnby Moor W.I. meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Sutton Village Hall at 7:15pm. Members old and new always welcome.

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR FOR SUTTON WARD: Your District Councillor for Sutton Ward, Rob Boeuf, can be contacted at any reasonable time on (01777) 700 204, or via email:

COUNTY COUNCILLOR: If you have any issues or concerns then your County Councillor Mrs Tracey Taylor can be contacted at any reasonable time on 07770 847 086, or office number: (0115) 804 3177.

PARISH COUNCIL: The Parish Council normally meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Village Hall. There is a public participation period and all residents are welcome to attend. For further information please contact the Clerk at or call the Sutton Central number: 07092 985 871.

POLICE: The local Beat Team for the BERL beat ( Bassetlaw East Ranskill / Lound) are as follows:

PC 3467 Gareth Mitchell  – Mobile: 07976 173 926, email:

For help and advice in the first instance please contact:

PCSO 9433 Lucy Campion – Mobile: 07525 989 445

VILLAGE HALL BOOKINGS: Enquiries with regard to the booking of the Village Hall should be made by contacting (01777) 854 392.

The Village Hall web site is available at or email:

POSTAL SERVICES: The Post office operates in the Village Hall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week.

Opening times are as follows:

  • Tuesdays from 11:30am to  2:00pm
  • Wednesdays from: 9:00am to 12:00 noon

The local office can supply residents with: Pensions, Foreign Currency, Travel Insurance, Car insurance, investments and Savings.

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