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Especially now the village green has been lit up and the Christmas tree decorated. Thanks must go to village stalwarts Rob and Marylin Boeuf who have carried out this task as of now and over the past few years. Comments in the village so far indicate that this years effort is superb and equal or even better than previous years. Much appreciated!! Well done both!!


Sunday 28th November was “Advent Sunday” and the appropriate service took place at the local church. The service commenced at the usual time of 9:30am and consisted of a service of Advent Lessons and Carols. These were conducted by Worship Leader Janet Webb. Organist: Geof Webb. Advent Sunday is the Sunday when an Advent Wreath is placed in church, with candles which are lit one by one as the weeks progress through the period of watching and waiting until the celebration of the coming of Christ at Christmas!

The next service on Sunday 4th December (second Sunday in Advent) will be a “Family Service”. Please come along and bring the family! The service starts at the usual time of 9:30am. Everybody welcome.


Many villagers may have watched “Morning Live” on Monday morning 29th November on BBC 1 at approximately 9:15am. The subject was non other than defibrillators and the location of same and instructions for use. The programme went on to show what happened when a member of public (a lady in this instance) suffered a sudden cardiac arrest whilst out shopping! Passing members of the public applied CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) an ambulance was called and the nearest defib machine location was sought, while others tried to remember where the life saving machine was located. Do you know where the machine is located in your village? Please take note! The nearest Community Defibrillator is located outside Sutton Cum Lound Village Hall on Town Street and is available 24 x 7. Another option is sited outside Lound Village Hall, Town Street, Lound.

For more information contact: Five Villages First Responders www.fvfr.co.uk


The next meeting of the gardening club will be held on Tuesday 7th December at the usual time of 7:15pm in Barnby Moor Village Hall. On this occasion members will have the opportunity to try their hand at producing a floral decoration in readiness for Christmas (under guidance of course). If you would like to have a go at this project or even join this friendly group please contact chair Jenny Bailey at gardeningclub@suttoncumlound.net for further details.


Patrons please note that the last collection of garden waste bins (Brown Bins) for the 2021 season took place on Monday 29th November. Users will be notified by BDC re next year’s programme, or check here for details.


Sutton and Barnby Moor WI have agreed, after great deal of soul searching and deliberation, to change their present meeting times form 7:15pm on Wednesday evenings to the earlier time of 2:00pm on Wednesday afternoons. These new times will apply from Wednesday 17th November until further notice and the venue remains the same, Sutton Village Hall. This will apply for the winter months and will be reviewed again in due course. Members old and new are very welcome. For more information call Jackie Payne on (01777) 707 562.


The next meeting of the neighbours group will be held on Thursday 16th December at the usual time of 1:0pm. This is the groups Christmas dinner. Please let the organisers know if you intend to be present on the day, to help assist with catering requirements.


Flood Wardens are the eyes and ears of a community. They can report problems and support residents with advice, information and raise awareness about flooding, as well as talk to residents about how they can protect their property from future flooding. This #FloodActionWeek we are looking for residents in #Bassetlaw who would be interested in taking part.


Denise Depledge our district councillor has been busy in the village and surrounding areas. This month Denise has been involved in meetings with Parish Councils, Bassetlaw Council Committees and a trip to Westminster to discuss local issues. It is hoped that the councillor will be commencing surgeries in the Village Hall in the near future and residents will be notified accordingly.

More About …

District Councillor

Your District Councillor for Sutton Ward is Darrell Pulk. Please see here for contact information.

Gardening Club

You can discover more about the Gardening Club on the Sutton website here.

Meet the Neighbours

You can discover more about the Neighbours group on the Sutton website here.

Visit the Village Hall website for more details.

Mobile Library

The mobile library van normally visits the village on a monthly basis on Mondays.

You can discover more about the Mobile Library service on the Sutton website here

Nottinghamshire County Councillor

Your Nottinghamshire County Councillor for Sutton is Tracey Taylor. Please see here for contact information.


You can discover more about the Police on the Sutton website here.

Post Office

The Post office operates out of the Village Hall on a regular basis. Please check the Village Hall Calendar of Events for days and times.

Please call in and support this much needed facility operating for the benefit of all.

St Bartholomew’s Church

You can discover more about the church on the Sutton website here, and more current information may be available on the church Facebook page here.

Sutton Art Group

You can discover more about the Sutton Art Group on the Sutton website here.

Sutton Parish Council

The Parish Council normally meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Village Hall, but please see the Village Hall calendar for confirmation.

You can discover more about the Parish Council on the Sutton website here, and more topical information may be available on the Parish Council Facebook page here.

Sutton Spotlight

The Sutton Spotlight is funded by Sutton cum Lound Parish Council and is produced and delivered by volunteers.

You can discover more about the Sutton Spotlight on the Sutton website here.

The W.I.

You can discover more about the W.I. on the Sutton website here.

Village Hall

You can discover more about the Village Hall on the Sutton website here.

See a full description of the hall and all its activities on the Village Hall website here.

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