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Meet The Neighbours

Please note, the next meeting of the Neighbours group will take place on Monday 16th October in Sutton Village Hall at the usual time of 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Please come along and join in, when once again you can Meet the Neighbours.

See more about Meet the Neighbours here

Sutton and Barnby Moor W.I.

Will members please note that the meeting times will change and will revert to winter times as from next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 18th October. The group will then meet at the same venue but at the earlier time of 2:15pm in the afternoon. Members old and new always welcome.

See more about the WI here

Harvest Supper

The recent Harvest Supper held on Saturday 7th October in the Village Hall has been deemed as another successful event for the village with an almost capacity crowd in attendance. The event itself raised a sum in the region of £250 which is destined for the local church building fund in support of the building of a new kitchen and toilet. Thanks must go to Shirley Stokes and her team of helpers and all who supported the event. Well done!

Gardening Club

On Tuesday 3rd of October the club met as scheduled in Barnby Moor village hall at 7:15pm with 27 members keen to listen to the invited speaker for the evening. Chairperson Jenny Bailey welcomed members and gave out any official notices before introducing the guest speaker, Hannah Sylvester, a Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons) MNIMH who would address the group about Western Herb Medicine.

Based in Lincolnshire, Hannah is known locally as The District Herbalist, and besides giving talks to various clubs and societies, is also involved in one-to-one Herbal Consultations, Herbal Walks and Nature Education. The speaker explained and showed slides of various herbs used to assist many conditions around today, many of these can be found in a lot of gardens. Rosemary, Thyme, Mint being the most common. Even the common nettles have their use! The important point is knowing which to use and what strength to use, as many can cause problems when used incorrectly. Samples of various herbs and potions were distributed amongst those present, many identified by smell, some could even be tasted! A very informative talk and seemingly enjoyed by the gathering.

See more about the Gardening Club here


The Speed Watch team had a month off in August, the gap being covered by the Police rural community Speed Watch team, who covered the area and surprised many speeding motorists! The local team have resumed their duties and ask drivers to assist them by reducing speed in the village!

The group who are all volunteers were back to normal in September, supported by the police on occasions, and again found quite a few motorists who were in breach of the local speed limits displayed throughout the village. Out in all weather, at various times and days in support of villagers and the community at large they deserve all the help, and thanks they can get for their ongoing efforts, which could prevent accidents and may even save lives, please make their task a little easier by slowing down when entering or passing through the village, it would be appreciated.

Local Policing Team

The local policing team for the BERL beat area is as follows:

St Bartholomew’s Church

Church Service

On Sunday 15th October a “Worship for All” will take place at the local church. You are invited to join them. Everyone welcome!

See more about the church here

Post Office

The Post office operates in the Village Hall on Wednesdays from 10:00am to 12:30pm. Services offered include banking, Cash Deposits, Cash Withdrawals, Bill Payments plus lots more.

More About …

District Councillor

Your District Councillor for Sutton Ward is Darrell Pulk. Please see here for contact information.

Gardening Club

You can discover more about the Gardening Club on the Sutton website here.

Meet the Neighbours

You can discover more about the Neighbours group on the Sutton website here.

Visit the Village Hall website for more details.

Mobile Library

The mobile library van normally visits the village on a monthly basis on Mondays.

You can discover more about the Mobile Library service on the Sutton website here

Nottinghamshire County Councillor

Your Nottinghamshire County Councillor for Sutton is Tracey Taylor. Please see here for contact information.


You can discover more about the Police on the Sutton website here.

Post Office

The Post office operates out of the Village Hall on a regular basis. Please check the Village Hall Calendar of Events for days and times.

Please call in and support this much needed facility operating for the benefit of all.

St Bartholomew’s Church

You can discover more about the church on the Sutton website here, and more current information may be available on the church Facebook page here.

Sutton Art Group

You can discover more about the Sutton Art Group on the Sutton website here.

Sutton Parish Council

The Parish Council normally meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Village Hall, but please see the Village Hall calendar for confirmation.

You can discover more about the Parish Council on the Sutton website here, and more topical information may be available on the Parish Council Facebook page here.

Sutton Spotlight

The Sutton Spotlight is funded by Sutton cum Lound Parish Council and is produced and delivered by volunteers.

You can discover more about the Sutton Spotlight on the Sutton website here.

The W.I.

You can discover more about the W.I. on the Sutton website here.

Village Hall

You can discover more about the Village Hall on the Sutton website here.

See a full description of the hall and all its activities on the Village Hall website here.

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