Have a go


Thanks for coming here

You may have come here by accident, but thanks anyway.

You may not realise it, but everything you see happening within the village is done by volunteers. These are not generally people who have retired and have nothing else to do with their life, the vast majority have day jobs. They volunteer for the various bodies and activities within the village because they want to add some value to the community they live in. They may have a particular interest in one or more aspects of the village, or they may have a particular skill that they can use to the benefit of the residents … that’s you by the way. Everyone has something they could offer, if they wanted to.

So, what’s yours?

It’s very easy to take what’s given, and even moan about what isn’t there … oh yes, we have a lot of those!

How about doing something about it?

No? Too busy? Not interested? Can’t be bothered? Not for you?

So why are you living here?

It’s a village. It has around 320 houses and around 800 people. It’s in the country, has limited amenities, and not many facilities. Ah, the Sticks, eh?

So, why are you living here?

No, seriously, just exactly why are you living here?

If you can’t be bothered to support the village you’ve chosen to live in for some reason, then why should volunteers be bothered to provide facilities and amenities for you?

Good question … volunteer … have a go … do something that you may actually be proud of doing, and makes your village a better place. It’ll probably only take a few hours, and there are loads of existing clubs, meetings, and more formal bodies that are always looking for new people and new ideas.

And if you don’t fancy any of those then … start your own club! Oh! Too hard? Not for the volunteers it isn’t.

Stop being a parasite. Do something.

This isn’t a rant … you really don’t want to hear me ranting.