Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan – Submission Draft Formal Consultation Period Monday 15 February to Tuesday 29 March 2016

Nottinghamshire County Council has a statutory duty to publish an up-to-date Minerals Local Plan – a blueprint for future of mineral extraction in the county up to 2030. We have completed various stages of public consultation on a replacement Minerals Local Plan since 2012, with the most recent being last year. In advance of submission to the Government, we are now consulting on our Submission Draft document for a six week formal representation period. During this time we are inviting representations from any party wishing to comment on the soundness and / or legal compliance of the Plan. The Plan and all of the representations received will, once submitted to the Government, then be examined by an independent planning inspector who will decide whether the Plan is sound and can be adopted. At this stage in the process your representation(s) must therefore be based on whether you think it is legally compliant and whether it is positively prepared, justified and effective and consistent with national policy (see Guidance Note for more details).

See the full NCC Minerals Consultation Communication – February 2016 here

All the NCC information is available at the NCC New Minerals Local Plan site, and for convenience you can read the full consultation document here: NCC Mineral Consultation Document – May 2014

The two sites in our locality are:

Barnby Moor (MP2m)

This is an allocation for a new green field site located approximately 1km north of Barnby Moor village and around 2.5km to the south of the village of Ranskill. In light of the responses received to the Preferred Approach consultation, the operator put forward an amendment to the allocation boundaries, moving the site further north away from Barnby Moor village. The revised allocation covers an area of 43.7ha and is expected to be operational in mid-2018 as a replacement to the existing Newington Quarry. Mineral from the site would be processed off site at the operators existing site at Auckley and has an estimated life of 5 years with an output of 220,000 tonnes per annum. The quarry would serve the South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire markets.

Botany Bay (MP2n)

This is an allocation for a new green field allocation located 3km northwest of Retford and 1km south of Barnby Moor. The allocation is expected to be operational in 2019 and act as a replacement to the Mission – Finningley quarry (SGc), although it could come forward earlier if demand increases. The site has a planned output of 200,000 tonnes per annum and is expected to last 12 years until 2030.