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RCEP Flyer


Hive Aggregates are undertaking a Public Consultation Exercise about their plans to extract Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) from a 262 acre former landfill site off Lound Low Road between Sutton and Lound which they arecalling the Retford Circular Economy Project (RCEP).


Hive plan to extract 300,000 tonnes of waste ash from this site each year and transport it to cement production plants around the UK. This work could take up to 25 years to complete!

This could potentially mean: –

· Works taking place 6 days a week

· Operating hours of 7.00am to 7.00pm

· An increase in the numbers of large vehicles passing through and around our village

· Noise pollution from machinery such as conveyor belts and tipper trucks

· Potentially harmful ash dust carried on the wind and deposited all over our village!

Act now to ensure your voice is heard!

Deadline for completion of the feedback form is Wednesday 26 October


The Parish Council urge you to respond to these plans and express any views or concerns you may have directly to Hive Aggregates. You can do this by: –

· Visiting the website www.retfordcep.co.uk for all the information regarding the proposals.

· Viewing the webinar from 4 October 2022 to hear what Hive had to say.

· Completing the online Feedback Form of 11 questions which you will find under the Have Your Say section of the website.

Deadline for completion of the feedback form is Wednesday 26 October

For anyone who missed the public events held recently in Sutton and Lound village halls, you have another chance to meet Hive Aggregates face-to-face when they attend the Lound Parish Council meeting on:

Tuesday 25 October at Lound village hall from 7.00pm.

Only questions submitted to loundparish@outlook.com will be answered.